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"Covid19 Compensation Announcements are commendable but, are they really enough?": BCIC, 6th May, 2020

Mr. Devesh Agarwal, President, The Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce, commended the Hon'ble Chief Minister in his address saying that," BCIC welcomes the Covid19 Compensation Announcements. We are glad that the recommendations made to the Government have been accepted. This will provide much needed respite to the MSME sector which will surely benefit from the waiver of fixed charges but, we are disappointed that the same leeway has not been granted to the Large Industries and Medium sized business as requested and what has already been done by Gujarat and Maharashtra. These are difficult times and we do not demand much but, we believe that the Industries should be allowed to pay as per usage, not the fixed charges. The solid kick-start to the economy for quicker revival lies here! ."


By Devesh Agarwal, President, BCIC