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Certificate of Origin

    What Is a Certificate of Origin (COO)?

    If you're trading internationally, you may need a certificate of origin (COO) for the export of your goods.
    Certificate of Origin is the document that verifies the origin of the Product. It is a certificate having information about the product, shipping details, a tariff code, the importer and exporter’s details, and its country. The COO is an important document because it helps in deciding if certain products are qualified for import, or regardless of whether the merchandise is dependent upon obligations. It is submitted to a customs official of the trade-in country to check the product's eligibility for entry. Whether it is eligible or it needed a particular treatment. Every nation has a need for certification of origin for customs clearance.
    Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) issues certificates of origin in Bangalore, Karnataka to both member and non-member companies. These certificates are necessary for exporters in India to demonstrate that the products being exported are of Indian origin. It additionally demonstrates that the item exported is entirely acquired, or manufactured in India.

  • For Members Rs.240/- (Offline Certificate of Orgin) per document and For Multiple Members Rs.480/- (Offline Certificate of Orgin)