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BCIC hosts Industry Visit to Toyota Kirloskar Motors Top Executives hope to replicate best practices at their own plants

Top executives of select manufacturing industries based out of Bangalore today had the rare opportunity to visit Toyota Kirloskar Motors Limited, the world class manufacturing unit located in Bidadi on the outskirts of Bangalore.  Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) today hosted the industrial visit where top executives were taken around the facility.

Mr. Raju B Ketkale, Senior Vice President and Director, Toyota Kirloskar Motor said that participants got an opportunity to see and experience the world class production assembly-lines eye-to-eye and learn best practices that Toyota Kirloskar Motors Limited (TKML) and Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts (TKAP) are known the world over.

The select group of Executives got to see first-hand cutting-edge manufacturing facilities at Toyota Kirloskar Motors Limited which rolls out high end quality products.

The participants also interacted with the senior leadership team on the Lean Management Innovation that Toyota practices in its manufacturing processes. The Team shared key principles of Lean Manufacturing philosophy with the visiting participants that basically focuses on embedding quality in the assembly lines itself. The participants also got a peek on Toyota Group’s continuous improvement programmes where, it constantly strives for input cost reduction, value from waste and nurturing suppliers as their long standing partners in business sustenance.

The participants were run through the fundamentals of Toyota Production System (TPS) through daily Management which is very essential to run any manufacturing facility. The Toyota Production System (TPS) was established based on two concepts: The first is called "jidoka" (which can be loosely translated as "automation with a human touch") which means that when a problem occurs, the equipment stops immediately, preventing defective products from being produced; The second is the concept of "Just-in-Time," in which each process produces only what is needed by the next process in a continuous flow. Based on the basic philosophies of jidoka and Just-in-Time, the TPS can efficiently and quickly produce vehicles of sound quality, one at a time, that fully satisfy customer requirements.

Mr. Ketkale said that that working with TPS allows companies to produce high-quality, cost-effective products, that are delivered to customers on time. The production respects the environment, which includes recycling of products at the end of their lifetime. And it also creates a safe workplace, both for the employees and the customers.

At the Toyota facility, the visiting delegates experienced how meticulously each of the processes is planned at the manufacturing unit to roll out end-to-end finished product.

The industrial visit is part of Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s member-connect programme, wherein best practices are shared with member companies so that they replicate the top-end manufacturing culture back at their own plants.