Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce

Innovation Event Report

June 14, 2018

Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce (BCIC) in association with the Depart of the IT/BT-ST, Government of Karnataka organised the BCIC Innovation Day and BCIC Inclusive Innovation Award event on the June 14, 2018 in Bangalore

The BCIC Innovation Day was conceptualised to bring in the best minds from the world of Digital Technology and share stories for us to learn about brilliant Innovations in areas such as IoT, payments tech, BlockChain, AI/ML, Immersive Experience and many more. We also had a number of sessions for the audience to understand how to create meaningful Innovation for their organisations. We had a comprehensive panel discussion talking about the present and future of AI, hosted by Sbhathra Srinivasaraghavan, Director, IBM, along with Arjun Pratap, Founder and CEO, EDGE Networks, Sumit Kothiyal, VP, Digital Transformation, Accenture and Hemalatha Bhaskar, Director at Visa.

Nitin Garg, Director, ISME, Bhawna Manchanda, Digital Advisor, Microsoft and Sugandha Srikanteswaran, Director, Automation and Cognitive Platforms, IBM shared knowledge about the art and science of creating great innovation and products. In similar vein, Krishna Durbha, Head - Cognizant Business Consulting, Communications & Media, Geeta Gurnani, Cognitive/AI Consulting Services Lead India, IBM, Bhakta Keshavachar, Founder and CTO, EzeTap, Puneet Gupta, CTO, ITC Infotech, shared insights about the recent and future trends in their respective areas of Blockchain, AI, Payments Tech and Immersive Experience. All the other speakers also shared their Innovation stories about their relevant areas.

In the later part of the day, BCIC hosted the Awards ceremony of the First BCIC Inclusive Innovation Awards – Nine winners were awarded in various categories within Social Impact and Disruptive Technologies. Key highlights are that all of them are early stage startups/innovators with fully functional products, aligned with the vision of Inclusive Innovation. We are happy that the focus on Inclusivity through promoting Women’s and Student’s Innovation are also fulfilled through the 4 awards in these categories.

With this we are proud to say we have the first big steps taken towards creating the BCIC Inclusive Innovation platform and take it forward to be a platform to support early stage innovators in Karnataka. We are thankful to our sponsors – K-Tech, Wipro, IBM, ISME, Aritic, Xoxoday, Enable India, Congnizant and New Horizon College of Engineering. The Inclusive Innovation awards are now intended to be a yearly affair in recognising Innovations across Karnataka. 

Innovation Awardee’s list

Name of the Innovation: MINION

Founder Names: Mr. Gokul Shrinivas

Details of the innovation: Businesses need a solution which provides insights on their energy consumption pattern to take informed decisions to reduce their energy consumption. MinionLabs provides real-time device level electricity consumption insights to businesses using a smart energy device delivered through its SaaS platform.

Benefits achieved:

Future plans:
  • Product Development
  • Sales increase
  • Expansion

Name of the Innovation: Detection of Faecal contamination in water

Founder Names: Samuel Rajkumar; Saurabh Levin; Rajshree Patil; Ishan Gupta; Nischal Halery; Pradeep Balkundae; Sushant Bamane

Details of the innovation: Smartphone based rapid in-situ detection of faecal contamination in water

Benefits achieved: The proposed device if developed successfully will communicate water contamination alert in shortest period of time so that regulatory authority or user can take the quick action to prevent epidemics of waterborne diseases. Thus, the possible outcome of the project can be determining as reduction in the number of incidences of water contamination that has been reported by and quick action taken based on the alert mechanism of device. The other outcome will be increase in the percentage of population who treated their water after receiving the contamination alert. The possible social impact metrics of the innovation can be measured as an improved health observe in the community, fewer hours / income lost of sick person due to diarrhea, fewer hours / income lost of family members due to caring for sick relative. As our product generates open water quality data, we can indirectly gauge impact through the number of data points collected from number of unsafe sources.

Future plans: The innovation developed for rapid detection of fecal contamination using smartphone application is fairly simple. The early version of working prototype is ready and rigorously tested in-house using water spiked with standard E. coli bacterial strains. The validation has also been performed using field samples and demonstrated comparable results to that of conventional method of coliform detection. The method is designed to conform testing 100 ml of water sample as per WHO norms. With the current design it is possible to detect and communicate presence or absence of coliform/fecal contamination within 2-8 hrs time period depending on initial level of pollution. The initial version of App for detecting coliform is ready to install in any android Smartphone. We need to begin the process of industrial design, user testing, and manufacturing for this product.

Name of the Innovation: Aryazla

Founder Names: S Srivathsavan Iyengar

Details of the innovation: 'Aryazla' is a machine-learned image security module that is primarily devised to secure images on social network profiles, especially on Facebook and Instagram, where billions of images are under a threat of being counterfeited.

Benefits achieved: Aiming social security, Aryazla inculcates a self-automated server's invoking such that, any duplication made to an image that is uploaded by the original user is readily identified and the intruder's identity (unique username) is revealed to the original user to be further elaborated for legal/criminal action. This approval/rejection will actually help the user to identify the exact modification being done to the image.

Future plans: It is further under research over diagnosing the detection of screenshots of the images being taken/manipulated

Name of the Innovation: Alpha Care

Founder Names:
  • Saakshi Bagrodia Agarwal - Product Manager, Client Relationship Manager
  • Pranay Agarwal - Ideation, Technical Manager
  • Kritarth Mohan - Business Development
  • Daniel D’Souza - Software Architect
  • Aruleeswaran Anarbasan - Hardware Architect

Details of the innovation: Alpha Care is the flagship product launched in 2018, for the Healthcare Industry. It was conceived with the notion of redefining inpatient experience, reducing the non-clinical workload of nurses and providing the Management with Business Analytical data for Staffing Optimisation Decisions.

Benefits achieved: With our implementation at Manipal Hospitals (Old Airport Road, Bangalore), we were able to reduce a whopping 43.2% nursing calls which were routed to the Nurses in the absence of Alpha Care System. With a humble assumption of 10 minutes per request, we managed to reduce the Nursing manpower by 16.67% and proved our concept with 300% ROI

Future plans: Our future vision is to bring about a Revolution in the Healthcare Industry by providing the Hospitals with an Operational Excellence Tool. We believe in delivering a technology that will help the Hospital to service patient requests with ease, increase Customer Satisfaction Metrics, and generate Analytical Reports based on Efficiency. We envision an efficient future for the Hospitals of Tomorrow.

Name of the Innovation: Universal Disease Diagnostic Kit

Founder Names: Adarsh C, Abhishek Sarangi,Harshpreet Singh and Rahul  VC

Details of the innovation: The idea we had demonstrated was disease identification using a pattern recognition algorithm that we built. Depending upon the temperature variations our disease diagnostic kit is able to predict what disease a person may be suffering from. Also our model can predict if there are chances of a disease outbreak using environmental data.

Benefits achieved: Obtain good counsel from the judges about how to commercialize our idea.

Future plans: Our future plan is to improve on this idea to make it a marketable product or service.

Name of the Innovation: Multi-sensory learning resources for children with visual impairment

Founder Names: Chandni Rajendran and Saloni Mehta

Details of the innovation: We make tactile books augmented with audio information through a smartphone app, helping children learn with all their senses.

Benefits achieved: For children with vision loss, being able to learn with alternate senses of touch and sound means access to learning resources previously unavailable to them.

Future plans: We're making our own series of interactive books, as well as partnering with publishers and content owners to bring our multi-sensory services to their books

Name of the Innovation: Ni-The Water Saviour Features

Founder Names: Vaishali Chinnayya, Chinnayya Math

Details of the innovation:
  • Wi-Fi based smart water level controller and meter
  • Helps in conserving water and manual effort
  • Gives the water usage details on cell phone and Web
  • Solution for individual homes and apartments Solution Details
  • Automatic Motor Turn On/Off based water threshold level, configurable water level threshold
  • Real time over head water tank water availability status on cell phone and web Every 10 minute

Benefits achieved:
  • Users can share their water consumption details on social networking websites
  • Various metrics of water consumption of individual homes and apartments on customized
  • Dashboards
  • Area/ pin code, city based water consumption metrics can be generated
  • Identify the ground water consumption
  • Completely automate the public water distribution system measurement and billing generation and payment

Future plans: Nimble Vision is working on improving the product Ni-The Water Saviour by taking to the Rural India. The next version of the product will work without Internet and Wi-Fi. The All the consumers will have same features as urban India. This will help in conserving the water not only in Urban India but in Rural India as well.

Name of the Innovation: SensAiry

Founder Names: Prabu Surendra

Details of the innovation: SensAiry - a bluetooth low energy based tyre pressure monitoring system. Leveraging the proven Bluetooth LE framework and with operating frequency at 2.4GHz, SensAiry positions itself as a better alternative to traditional TPMS. SensAiry combined with its state of the art iOS and Android apps makes it a TPMS for everyone. SensAiry is 100% Made in India product. Not only the R&D of product, app design & development but also electronics assembly and injection moulding of parts are made indigenously.

Benefits achieved:
  • Supports multiple vehicles 
  • Maximum of 20 tires (inclusive of all vehicles) can be monitored
  • Data synced to cloud server
  • 5+ years of battery life for the hardware

Future plans: Tymtix plans leverage its experience in sensor technologies to build products for healthcare. Having devices that can send real time and latest information about one’s health to a remote physician will have a great impact in improving healthcare.

Name of the Innovation: OCEO WATER

Founder Names: Vikram Gulecha; Mahendra Dantewadiya

Details of the innovation: OCEO WATER, we are building a first of its kind smart water purifier that gives you healthy water right in your home without having to purchase the device or pay for a maintenance fee. Now you only pay for the water purified from the machine. We call it as Water Purification as a Service (WAAS).

Benefits achieved: Our unique positioning in serving the growing demand for safe drinking water, we are optimistic that every Indian household will welcome OCEO as their new family member with happiness. We currently operate in the city of Bangalore, India and have commenced field trails in Chennai and Hyderabad.

Future plans: OCEO digital solutions has the power to engage with consumers more closely than ever before, save billions through operational efficiencies, improve service levels and reliability, and map water quality data for social good. Beyond this, we believe OCEO digital transformation has the potential to fundamentally shift the business model as we know it today. With OCEO, now everyone can measure, monitor and maintain drinking water needs in an intelligent, sustainable and cost effective way.

BCIC Inclusive Innovation Awards