Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce

BCIC State Government Seeks Inputs from Industry Bodies to further Prune Ease of Doing Business (EODB) Index BCIC Office Bearers Call on Mr. Gaurav Gupta IAS

Mr. Kishore Alva, President BCIC & Joint President and Executive Director, Adani - Udupi Power Corporation Ltd. called on Mr. Gaurav Gupta, IAS, Principal Secretary to Government of Karnataka, IT/ BT & Science & Technology Department to discuss on several issues regarding industrial growth in the State and how the Chamber can play a role in further improving industrial conduciveness in the Karnataka especially, pruning of the Ease of Doing business index.

“Mr. Kishore Alva said: “Karnataka received the 2nd largest FDI across Indian states during last fiscal and that in itself indicates the fact that investment climate in the State is very vibrant and the Government is very proactive in creating an industry-friendly atmosphere for both domestic and overseas investors to establish bases here”.

However, in the same vein he said that if the government can further prune the Ease of Doing Business index especially, with regard to Procuring Land, Labour Matters, Pollution Control norms and Single Window Clearance System, it will enormously foster government’s effort to capture a bigger pie of the investment flows in the State.

Mr. Kishore Alva said: “Karnataka has been one of the most industrialized states in India with a combination of knowledge intensive high technology capital goods, traditional consumer goods, Information Technology and services sector. We need to effectively tap on these sectors to further rope in investments not only from the domestic but also overseas companies.”

Ease of Doing Business is regarded as a critical parameter in attracting investments in any region. Higher a country or a region ranks, greater are its chances of attracting investments. There is often a strong correlation between a region’s level of economic development and the ease of doing business there. Simplifying the ability to do business can smoothen the investment flows in the state.

On the other hand, Mr. Gaurav Gupta IAS, Principal Secretary to Government of Karnataka, IT/ BT & Science & Technology Department while acknowledging the efforts initiated by the newly elected President of BCIC Mr. Kishore Alva to reach out to the State Government said that the Government is keen to collate inputs from various quarters on Government Policies so that it can accordingly work with the industry to further tweak the Ease Of Doing Business parameters for the good of the state.